Restaurant —
At Hot Stone Club Ubud we believe that healthy food that fills the body with lively energy is one of the keys to harmony with yourself and the world around you. Therefore, in our restaurant we offer a choice of vegan, vegetarian and Mediterranean dishes, which are prepared with organic ingredients from local farms.
Each dish from our chefs looks so good that you immediately want to eat it! And if you have any specific preferences and wishes, just let us know and we will gladly accommodate your request.
In our kitchen you will find refreshing coldpressed juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables, which are prepared in the healthiest way and are great for detox programs.
The program includes the hot heat of a sauna, refreshing effect of an ice plunge pool after, herbal whisks, and aromatherapy. A variety of massages are offered for guests. The recreation area and the fireplace are located under a canopy, where you can relax after the sauna and drink herbal, green or red tea, as well as homemade lemonade.
Spa —
The pearl of the Hot Stone Club Ubud SPA is the wood-fired sauna. The three-level wood-burning sauna — for moderate, medium and hot steam — heals, soothes and helps to establish a deep connection with your physical body. Warming up with steam under the aromas of eucalyptus whisk and fir oil helps the body cleanse and relax.
Swimming pool —
Yoga space —
Refresh yourself on a hot Balinese day in the large infinity pool overlooking the picturesque rice fields. For a healthier swimming experience we fill the pool with sea salt and do not use aggressive chlorine-containing products to clean it.
Bali is just made for yoga and spiritual practices! The tropical climate, in which the muscles become soft, like clay, and the magical energy of the island — all this contributes to a mindful yoga practice and inner pursuit of self.
Yoga Shala are suitable not only for yoga, but also for pranayama, qigong, ecstatic dance, sound-healing, as well as various concerts.
Hot Stone Club Ubud has event spaces:
Yoga Shala (220 m²) for events up to 70 people.
Our swimming pool is filled with sea salt to avoid using aggressive chemicals like chlorine to keep it clean. When the sun sets, the underwater backlighting creates a soothing atmosphere, and you will be greeted with an opportunity to watch the Balinese sunsets from the water.
The pool consists of two bowls: a large one, 180 m² and a small one, especially for the youngest guests of Hot Stone Club Ubud. Near the pool there is an area with sun loungers. Here you can relax and feel the atmosphere of freedom and deep enjoyment of life.
Located under a shade so you can indulge in outdoor activities hidden from the hot Bali sun.