• a comprehensive diagnosis
  • advice on lifestyle changes
  • treatment plan tailored to your needs
Tired of traditional medicine that fails to make you feel better?
The focus will be on improving and preserving health, well-being and longevity.
After a consultation with our Oriental Healing Therapist, you will get:
We invite you to experience the energy work and the treatments that are truly going to transform your state from the inside out !
Free transfer if you book directly with us
Our aim is to make you happy and comfortable during your stay. If you need to adjust our services according to your needs, please contact us and we will find a perfect solution that meets your expectations
799 $ - Apriori Private Villa, single occupancy (for solo traveler only)
899 $ - White Private Villa, single occupancy (for solo traveler only)
599 $ - Apriori Villa Shared (couple & friends option), price listed for 1 people
699 $ - White Private Villa (couple & friends option) price listed for 1 people
Invite your friend, get a discounted rate
* The price listed for the shared villa is per person.
To be eligible for this rate, all guests sharing the villa must book the program individually.
Oriental healing therapy (TCM) is a holistic approach to medicine by optimizing energy in the body, mind and spirit.
  • Acupuncture: a stimulation of the body’s natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being
  • Moxibustion: a heat therapy in which a herb is burned on or close the skin to warm and stimulate an acupuncture point or affected area
  • Vacuum cupping: the use of cups to create suction on certain points of the body in order to help with pain, muscle stiffness, blood flow, relaxation and well-being
  • Gua Sha: a body scraping technique that’s used for a variety of health benefits
  • Electrical stimulation: treatment with repeated muscle contractions to improve circulation and repair damaged tissue.
A tailor-made healing protocol will be created to address your specific needs, which may involve :
* You are free to add some extra procedures if you wish, with a supplement.

Fully immersive experience includes:
  • Welcome drink : coconut water, tea, coffee, juice
  • 4 nights accommodation in quiet place with a view on jungle or rice terrace
  • Consultation with our Therapist : 60 min
  • Three meals a day of a fresh and healthy food
  • Daily Oriental Healing Therapy (depending on your healing protocol) : 60 min
  • Daily yoga practice, 60 min
  • Daily hydrogen Anti-Aging Inhalation therapy : 60 min
  • Daily unlimited hydrogen premium water Okeara
  • Daily coconut water & herbal teas for the best detoxification
  • Wi-Fi connexion & parking & luggage storage
  • gastrointestinal tract and liver support
  • gynecology and women's health care
  • mental and psychological well -being
  • chronic and acute headaches
  • back and spine pain
What makes our program special:
  • This retreat is the right way to prevent the diseases before the symptoms appear
  • A variety of illnesses could be treated by alternative methods
  • A personalized therapy will be proposed to you after a detailed consultation with our specialist
  • Effective methods of rehabilitation and recovery after physical and mental life crisis
  • Five main protocols are elaborated to heal :