2 days romantic honeymoon tantra retreat in bali
What make this retreat program special:
  • Open yourself to a sacred tantra practice, using pranayama (breathwork), mudras, eye-focus, mantras, bandhas (energy locks), and asanas
  • Experience the opening ceremony "Ganesha ", which symbolizes a new beginning, good luck, love and success
  • Take advantage of pravate aqua-yoga classes for only two of you
  • Enjoy a delicious romatic dinner with sunset view
  • Improve your health with exclusive Okeara hydrogen structurated water
  • Enhance your couple connection, celebration, intimacy, transcendence and divine consciousness
Free transfer if you book directly with us
Our aim is to make you happy and comfortable during your stay. If you need to adjust our services according to your needs, please contact us and we will find a perfect solution that meets your expectations
Ignite the energy, relax the mind, strengthen the body and your love!
Enjoy an unforgettable stay in a serene location and an immersive tantra experience with your partner.
Our honeymoon retreat designed for newlyweds and couples seeking a romantic getaway, featuring tantra and yoga practices, Ganesha ceremonies, meditative sessions, intimate dinners and massages, ideal for celebrating special events.
How to spiritualize, and raise relationships to a new level. What practices to include in the daily routine of the time spent together, for a quality, harmonious life — all this you will learn, try and take with you on this unforgettable retreat.
Full description:
About the retreat:
The honeymoon retreat combines just that.
Looking for a way to deepen your relationship, enjoy some intimate time together and improve your health all at the same time?
280 $ per person
Enhance your couple connection, celebration, intimacy, transcendence and divine consciousness
  • Welcome drink : fresh coconut water, tea, coffee, juice
  • Tropical fruit assortment on arrival
  • 1 night private VIP villa with gorgeous view on rice fields
  • Romantic dinner with a sunset view (choice of vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian menu from our chef)
  • Wholesome breakfast
  • Balinese massage for two
  • Opening ceremony Ganesha with our tantra master
  • Morning group yoga class
  • Private aqua yoga class for 2 : Peace, Love and Happiness
  • Tantra practice, including : pranayama (breathwork), mudras, eye-focus, mantras, bandhas (energy locks) and asanas
  • Evening breathwork and meditation Yoga Nidra for two of you
  • Free acces to pool with a sunset view
  • Daily fresh coconut water
  • Exclusive OKEARA hydrogen structurated drinking water
  • Wifi connexion
  • Parking
  • Luggage storage
  • One way transfer
You can expect a fully immersive experience that includes:
02:00 PM — Check-in, welcome drink and fruit platter
03:00 PM — Opening ceremony "Ganesha" with Master Natalia
04:00 PM — Free time with the access to the pool
05:00 PM — Balinese massage for two
07:00 PM — Romantic dinner with a sunset view
08:30 PM — Evening couple meditation Nidra Yoga
Daily program:
Day 1
08:00 AM — Morning yoga practice in group
09:00 AM — Private aqua yoga class for 2
10:00 AM — Wholesome breakfast
12:00 AM — Couple tantra practice
14:00 AM — Check-out
Day 2