Unique wellness hydrogen inhalations therapy on Bali
  • One hour of hydrogen inhalation treatment.
  • Fruit platter after the session for the most profound healing effects.
  • NanoGold Hydrogen structured water Okeara — premium water from a spring of a balinese temple.
  • Online Wellness Survey (pre and post sessions) to track your health improvement (required for users enrolled in more than 10 sessions).
What is included:
Our hydrogen specialist always recommends the following treatment:
Regularity of session:
  • To boost your immune system and get better results (if you feel tired, sick, lack of energy, etc.) — daily for 10 to 15 days.
  • For preventive reasons and to energize you every two days.
  • Hot Stone Club Ubud is the only place in Bali to offer this unique and high quality program.
  • There are only five locations worldwide that offer hydrogen inhalations.
  • The actual price is only available for November/December.
Important to know:
Hot offer available till the end of 2022
2 500 000 mln (500K of economy)
One session: 300k
Valid duration of the package - one month
Package of 10 sessions
  • Eucalyptus brooms
  • Sarongs, towels and bath hats
  • Fresh fruits
  • Hydrogen structured premium water Okeara
We provide:
  • Aromatherapy
  • Plowing with brooms
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation with singing bowls
  • Floating in the swimming pool
  • Diving into an ice bath
The program includes:
17:00-19:00 program of collective steaming "First Steam"
Beginning 16:00
A unique spherical sauna with an ice pool and a fire zone where you can feel at home and enjoy our yummy food
Open Sauna Day every Thursday/Saturday
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  • relaxing massage with aroma oils,
  • outdoor morning yoga
  • vegan, vegetarian or mediterranean breakfast,
  • 1night accommodation in the heart of Hot Stone Ubud.
Weekend retreat is a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Together you can recharge, enjoy quality outdoor activities, and fully experience the magical atmosphere of Bali.
One day retreat
1 150 000 idr
Price from
1 700 000 idr
membership/4 visits
550 000 idr
per person
Price from